Hey! A lot of people think they know a lot about me, but this is the true me!
i rlly dont like this pic but...o well

in tesione, risata, amore(live, laugh, love)

Things i hate:
-people who dont listen
-people who think they're better than otherz(cuz they're not)
-hip-hop/rap music
-people who think im emo
-roches/water bugs
-it when people talk in text talk but i so dont mind writing in it(cuz i write in it but dont talk in it)
-chewawas(esp. if they have names like coco, tiny, monster and crap like that)
-people who think im red neck -cough-andy(my older bro)-cough-
-when i see a huleium baloon in the sky cuz i know therez a little kid sumwhere whoz crying his/her eyes out and his/her parents are just yelling at them. i think thatz just about the sadest thing ever. when my sister was little she let go of one and my mom told her God wanted it so she couldnt try 2 get it back.

Things i luv:
-country music
-rock music
-my friends
-my family
-eyeliner (1 of the best things ever invented)
-my bed( i luv 2 sleep!)

My nicknames...
-the juje

-am short
-am outgoing
-am crazy around my friends, calm and quiet when not around friends.
-am not that bad at skool work
-am 14
-am origanally dark brunett but i've died my hair A LOT
-am annoyed easilly
-have a dad, mom, older bro, younger bro and sis. i live with all of them :P
-have no idea what to think about the war
-fight a lot but wish i didn't
-have a short temper
-am not afraid to stand up 2 people
-am a total country gurl but not a redneck
-am an itallian ragazza(girl)
-make friends really quickly
-can be very lazy
-talk a lot
-am bad at speling (get it..."speling" is spelt wrong)
-am bad at singing but luv 2 sing
-am very competitive
-am a backstabber/criminal acorrding 2 my mom's handwriting analisess book(cuz of the way i write my ''y's''...i use the fellen hook)
-hate it when people pronounce words wrong purposly

and i hate talking this much about myself so im gonna stop! if u have any questions about me, post it on this page and i'll give u an answer!